Everything we do at Taurian Pharma DWC is driven by our commitment to improving the lives of patients. Whether that’s working to reach more people with our medicines, or applying our science skills to developing the next generation of treatments, or collaborating with others in the fight against disease, everything centers on understanding and meeting the needs of people facing serious health challenges.

Our partners are essentially innovators and generic drug companies who develop a range of new niche products in select therapeutic categories like Antipyretics, Cardiac Products to Higher Antibiotics and Nutraceutical.

We supply a wide range of high quality branded generic formulations in various dosage and delivery forms.

Each product is developed in accordance to comply with the requirements of Country specific & International Regulatory Quality Standards.

We have invested in a network of contract development and manufacturing facilities located in India.

A perfect blend of Human talent, R&D Labs & CGMP manufacturing facilities backed by our Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs and Intellectual Property cell gives Taurian Pharma DWC an edge.

Our regulatory team is well trained & experienced to comply with regulatory authority requirements.

Sustainability, is not a trend we blindly follow, it is intrinsic to how we have operated since the genesis of the organization. We continue to evaluate various therapy areas to strengthen our business.

Our vision is to become a leading Francophone pharmaceutical company by providing high quality, affordable and innovative therapeutic solutions for patients with diverse medical needs.